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Internet Censorship

March 17, 2010



     Obstacles to the free flow of information online.

                                     No censorship
                                   Some censorship  
                                Under surveillance
                      Heavy surveillance (“Internet black holes”)




North Korea

 Timeline of china

 Voice About Censorship


1. Removal of the anonymity in the internet

2.  Golden shield Project.  (Great Firewall of China)

     censorship project which blocks content. Internet access is heavily monitored.

3. Green Dam Youth Project.

    green dam soft ware was intended  to protect users from onlone pornography.

 4. Flow of internet censorship in china


——-censored content ——–

            Websites related to the persecuted Falun Gong spiritual practice

  • News sources that often cover some taboo topics such as police brutality, Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, freedom of speech and democracy sites. These sites include Voice of America, BBC News, and Yahoo! Hong Kong
  • Media sites which may include unregulated content, social commentary or political commentary censored by the PRC. The Chinese Wikipedia and LiveJournal are examples of such blocked sites.
  • Sites hosted by Taiwan’s government and major newspaper and television media and other sites with information on Taiwanese independence
  • Web sites that contain obscenity, pornography, and criminal activity.
  • Sites linked with the Dalai Lama and his International Tibet Independence Movement, including his teachings.
  • “Nine Commentaries” or the nine articles that were published by that comment on the Chinese Communist Party.


———Words Censored by Chinese Search Engines———

Democracy(not blocked by Baidu or Sohu) 

Human Rights (not blocked by Baidu or Sohu)

Dictatorship (not blocked by Baidu or Sohu)


June 4(Chinese reference to Tiananmen Square)

Tibetan Independence

Dalai Lama

Falun gong

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   LEE, HYUN-JUNG